Indigenous Justice Strategy (IJS) Theme 2 Dialogue for Elders

Hello, bonjour, Koolamalsi, Aanii, Boozhoo,

We are Kūwiingu-néewul Engagement Services (KES).  Justice Canada has engaged us to support them as they develop an Indigenous Justice Strategy (IJS) based on input from Indigenous partners, communities, and organizations. The IJS has the potential to radically change the way that Indigenous people interact with police, court systems, incarceration, and reintegration services from coast to coast to coast. Elders and Knowledge Keepers are integral to creating a vibrant Indigenous Justice Strategy and starting the engagement work in a good way.

 We are holding the second meeting specifically for Elders and Knowledge Keepers from all regions and distinctions on November 22, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm CST. This meeting will focus on theme 2 of the IJS: Reforms to the existing Canadian justice system to reduce overrepresentation and systemic discrimination of Indigenous people.  Theme 2 recognizes the importance of community-led solutions for improving access to justice and addressing barriers faced by Indigenous peoples.

Please feel free to share with your networks. We want to hear about what is most important to you and your communities. During our meeting, we would also like to discuss other ways that Elders can support the ongoing development of the IJS.

To register for the November 22 dialogue please click here.

If you are having trouble registering for the event, please reach out to us through the following email: We would be happy to assist you.

We hope you can join us as we work towards the development of the Indigenous Justice Strategy. We believe that this valuable project is vitally important, and we know that your participation will help make the solution meaningful and impactful for Indigenous people and communities.

Thank you! Merci! Anushiik! Wela’lioq! Meegwetch! Maarsii! 

About KES

KES is an engagement firm that believes that engagements rooted in the Seven Grandfather Teachings and focused on two-eyed seeing benefit all peoples and have the power to make real change. We hope that by creating a respectful, honest, open space, people from all walks of life will feel comfortable sharing their stories, their visions, their hopes and their concerns as we work on finding solutions to complex issues that will serve the next seven generations to come, and beyond.

Below, we have included a proposed agenda to guide our session:

  1. Elder Opening (Elder to be confirmed)
  2. Justice Canada to speak about IJS and theme 2
  3. Roundtable discussions in smaller breakout rooms (part 1: Introductions; objectives and outcomes for this theme; priorities to achieve these objectives)
  4. Break
  5. Roundtable discussions in smaller breakout rooms (part 2: programs and supports needed to achieve objectives; milestones required; timelines for achieving objectives)
  6. Debrief as a larger group
  7. Elder closing

We hope that you can join us. By using progressive, respectful engagement approaches and prioritizing relationship-building dialogues, our goal is to ensure your voices shape all aspects of IJS.

Thank you! Merci! Anushiik! Wela’lioq! Meegwetch! Maarsi!

The Kūwiingu-néewul Team

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