Part Time-Waste Removal Collector

 Reporting to the Housing Supervisor, The Band is looking for a individual that would on a part time basis pick up waste from the waste boxes and deliver to the landfill and also bring wood to elders that need assistance.


  1. Drive collection trucks along routes according to schedules
  2. Deliver materials to and dump them at the landfill.
  3. Report incidents, such as injuries, motor vehicle crashes and mechanical failures to vehicles or equipment
  4. Inform dispatchers of hazardous conditions, motor vehicle crashes and delays in materials collection
  5. Inspect vehicles and road conditions prior to serving routes
  6. Perform routine maintenance on vehicles, add fuel or oil as needed, and clean truck bodies following use
  7. Note for customers why garbage not collected.
  8. Picking up wood a delivering to houses around the community

 Primary Qualifications:

 -Skilled drivers must be able to turn into and drive on narrow streets, back into and lift heavy receptacles and use all mirrors. Depth perception is necessary for the driver to determine how close the vehicle is to an object or person.

  • -Valid “G” drivers license
  • -be able to lift up to 100lbs
  • Be able to be available at a giving notice.

 This position is full time with a 3-month probationary period.  POSITION AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Application Deadline is Friday February 22nd, 4:00pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Please send resume along with three work related references to:

Paul Duguay – Human Resource Officer        or drop off at:           Big Grassy Band Office 

Big Grassy River First Nation                                                                 410 Anishinabe Way         

410 Anishinabe Way                                                                                  Big Grassy First Nation

P.O Box 414 

Morson, ON   P0w 1J0                                                                              

Fax – 807-488-5533                                                                

 Please note: Applications will be shortlisted in accordance with qualifications and only those applicants granted an interview will be contacted.


INTERNAL POSTING – Assistant Water Treatment Plant Operator (Class-1 Operator)

Hire to Train

The Big Grassy First Nation is seeking a qualified individual to fill the Assistant Water Treatment Plant Operator at Big Grassy.



Performs duties and assignments relative to the operation and maintenance of the communities water and wastewater treatment facilities and distribution system facilities (water storage tanks, pump stations, etc.) and performs other work as required.


The Assistant Water Treatment Plant Operator (Assistant Operator) is distinguished from the Treatment Plant Operator in that the latter operates the treatment plants independently. In contrast, the Assistant Operator performs assigned duties under direct supervision, the complexity of assignments increasing with advancing skills, both at community’s treatment facilities and in distribution system operations.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES (include but are not limited to the following):

Trains until treatment/distribution certification is received and is able to perform a full array of tasks and duties in the operation and maintenance of various water and wastewater treatment and distribution system facilities including: backwashing water filters and installing and calibrating instrumentation; controls the treatment processes to ensure continuous compliance with Environmental Public Health Services and regulatory agency water quality requirements and objectives; collects water and wastewater samples; performs standardized water quality tests; monitors and interprets water and wastewater meters, gauges and charts; makes chemical and feed rate adjustments as necessary; maintains operational logs; gathers statistical data on water and wastewater operations as necessary; handles chemical and hazardous products as required; chlorinates storage tanks; operates pump stations; operates Distribution Control and Monitoring System; demonstrates a full understanding of applicable policies, procedures and work methods.


Performs facility and grounds maintenance duties; cleans and disinfects storage tanks; flushes distribution mains as necessary; conducts public tours of treatment facilities; performs related duties as required.

QUALIFICATIONS (The following minimum qualifications are necessary for entry into the class)

Must obtain a Class-1 Operators Certificate (All training is provided for)

Education/Experience : Must of obtain a Grade 12 diploma or GED




Knowledge of: general principles and practices of chemistry and/or biology as applied to water treatment operations; complex mathematical concepts; methods and techniques for handling hazardous chemicals; general knowledge of instrumentation and equipment within assigned work areas; occupational hazards and standard safety practices; principles and practices of hydraulics.

Ability to: be trained to work independently in the absence of supervision; work rotating shifts, weekends, holidays, overtime as required and be available for emergencies; operate specialized water and wastewater equipment including safety equipment; accurately maintain records; collect water and wastewater samples and perform the appropriate laboratory tests; operate a personal computer and manipulate a programmable logic controller; communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Possession of a valid “G” driver’s license.


The work requires exposure to conditions that may be hazardous or unpleasant. Position requires working in the field out of doors in all weather conditions and involves walking on level and uneven or slippery surfaces, climbing ladders, working in confined spaces, handling noise-producing tools and equipment; kneeling, squatting, stooping, turning, bending, lifting, upper body twisting in the performance of daily activities. The use of the senses of smell and hearing are needed in detecting odors and mechanical equipment conditions. Requires both near and far vision while making visual checks of facilities and working on equipment. Requires light and heavy lifting, pushing a dragging of equipment and supplies in excess of 100 pounds. Employees may be exposed to raw and treated sewage, chemicals, sharp and dull objects, domestic and wild animals, and in general may come in contact with a variety of potentially dangerous working situations that require a combination of good judgment, field knowledge of potential problems, problem identification and solutions. May be exposed to electrical and mechanical hazards and a variety of hazardous chemicals or contaminants. Incumbents also work around moving equipment. Ability to drive an automatic or manual transmission four-wheel drive vehicle on dirt roads in varying weather and road conditions.

Fax, email or deliver personally to:

Mr. Paul Duguay

Box 414, 410 Anishinabe Way

Morson, Ontario

P0W 1J0

(FAX) 1-807-488-5533  /  Email:  / Phone: (807) 488-5614


Deadline for Applications is Feb 22nd (4:30 p.m.)

Only those selected for interview will be notified


Land Claims

P.O. Box 414

Morson, ON   P0W 1J0

Ph: (807) 488-5457, (807) 488-5606

Fax: (807) 488-9644

Re: Address listing up-date

Big Grassy First Nation Membership,

The First Nation is asking community members to provide up to date addresses.  This is to ensure that those who wish to participate in the Highway Claim Ratification Vote, can be sent Information Packages & Mail In Ballots.  This package will outline the ratification process, history, Final Settlement Agreement, and message from leadership.

Please Contact:

Tina Paypompee – Membership Clerk

Ph: (807) 488-5614 Ext. 1006

Toll Free: 1-800-361-7228

Fax: (807) 488-5533


Dailen Tuesday – Land Claim Coordinator

Ph: (204)583-8689


Job Posting: Economic Development Officer


 The Big Grassy First Nation is seeking a qualified individual to fill the Economic Development Position at Big Grassy.

Key duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains relationships and engages in joint projects or initiatives with other organizations engaged in economic development.
  • Preparing concept presentations to Chief and Council from time to time to support local ventures.
  • Builds relationships with First Nations businesses
  • Manages all aspects of First Nation sponsored initiatives for Economic Development projects including finalizing work plans, training Plans, sourcing of funds and use of funds, preparing documents such as Band Council Resolution’s  for Chief and Council approval of projects.


Education and Working Experience

  • A post secondary diploma in business administration or commerce, would be ideal.
  • Equivalent experience amounting to 3 years experience in a business environment
  • Comprehensive computer software knowledge including word processing, spreadsheet, power point presentations, and outlook email.
  • The Economic Development Officer will report directly to the Band Manager.


Please provide a cover letter, resume and references to the attention of Band Manager, Mr. Lynne Gavin or Human Resource Officer Paul Duguay. A full job description is available upon request.

Fax, email or deliver personally to:

Ms. Lynne Gavin                                                                      Mr. Paul Duguay

Box 414 – 410 Anishnabe Way                                               Box 414 – 410 Anishinabe Way

Morson, ON    P0W 1J0                                                          Morson, ON      P0W 1J0

(FAX) 1-807-488-5533  /  Email:,  / Phone: (807) 488-5614


Deadline for Applications is Febuary 8th, 2019 (4:30 p.m.)

Only those selected for interview will be notified

Job Posting: Healthy Lifestyles Worker-Esiniiwab Health Centre

Healthy Lifestyles Worker

The Big Grassy First Nation is seeking a qualified individual to fill the Healthy Lifestyles Worker

Key Duties and Responsibilities under the direction of the Esiniiwab Health Centre

  • delivering community based programming to assist with the goal of improving the overall health and wellness of the community
  • To ensure community awareness in mental health, wellness and healthy lifestyles by submitting articles to the Big Grassy website addressing mental health and parenting skills.
  • Participate fully with health team to develop community strategies addressing mental health issues.
  • Providing referrals to mental health workers.
  • Provide regular recreational, social and cultural activities (especially for youth) to promote community mental health.
  • To contribute to health team activities and events: provide input in planning and organizing community health team events, assist in providing workshops and cultural events as a member of the health team, participate in annual gathering (Pow-Wow) organization and implementation.

Education and Working Experience

  • demonstrated computer competence and working knowledge of Ms Word, Excel, Publisher
  • previous experience working with youth in health or related field.
  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • a demonstrated ability to work well as a member of a team, understanding and adhering to roles and responsibilities within the First Nation organization
  • ability to speak Ojibway is an asset
  • must provide criminal reference check;
  • must have a valid drivers license and be willing to travel as needed
  • This position is full time with a 3 month probationary period.

Please provide a cover letter, resume and references to the attention of Band Manager-Ms. Lynne Gavin or Human Resources Officer-Paul Duguay.  A full job description is available upon request.

Fax, email or deliver personally to:

Mrs. Lynne Gavin-Band Manager

Box 414, 410 Anishinabe Way

Morson, ON P0W 1J0

(Fax) 1-807-488-5533/Email: or Phone (807)488-5614




Are now accepting letter of interest for the M.D.C.  Board for the next term of service.

Date of closure will be February 1, 2019 @ 12:00 p.m.

Please forward letters to Mr. James Comegan-CEO, addressed to:

Big Grassy First Nation

P.O. Box 13

Morson, ON P0W 1J0

or email:

Big Grassy First Nation Election

Nomination Meeting will be held at the Community Hall 403 Anishinabe Way in Big Grassy from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 28th 2018

Voting will take place at the Community Hall-403 Anishinabe Way in Big Grassy First Nation on January 9th 2019.

Election Notice and mail outs will be on Wednesday December 5th 2018.

Big Grassy River First Nation Election

Band Members, if you have an address change, please contact the Electoral Officer-Connie Kress at (807) 274-8531 ext 232 or email



Child-In-Care Worker

Reporting to the Child Care Supervisor, the Child-In-Care Worker is responsible for the safety and health of the children and families living within the first nation.

1. Follows up on referrals concerning the needs of children and families living on the First Nations;
2. Ensures the safety of all children including arranging for out of home placement for children in need of protection;
3. Prepares service plans for all children and families requiring support services;
4. Ensures all cases are documented in accordance with Ministry of Community and Social Service Standards as well as court proceedings;
5. Provides and designs community prevention programs;
6. Provides and coordinates support groups for adolescents, children, single parents, etc;
7. Ensure child and family services delivered to the First Nation are culturally appropriate and consistent with the policies of Big Grassy First nation
8. Rotational On-Call is a requirement.

Primary Qualifications:
– Bachelor’s Degree in social work or related field and 2 Yrs Exp. in the provision of Child  Welfare services OR; Asset but not Mandatory. Training will be made available.
Community College Diploma in Social Work or related field and six years’ experience in the provision of Child Welfare Services; Asset but not Mandatory. Training will be made available.
– Knowledge of the Ontario Child and Family Services Act;
– Knowledge of Ontario’s Risk Assessment Model;
– Knowledge of community services, customs and traditions;
– Valid Driver’s License, Drivers Abstract and access to own vehicle;

Salary: Commensurate with experience. PFT 3-month probationary period.

This position is full time with a 3-month probationary period.

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Application Deadline is Friday, December 7th 2018, 12:00 noon.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Please send resume along with three work related references to:
Paul Duguay – Human Resource Officer or drop off at: Big Grassy Band Office
Big Grassy River First Nation 410 Anishinabe Way
P.O. Box 414 Big Grassy River F.N.
Morson, Ontario P0W 1J0
Fax – 807-488-5533
Please note: Applications will be shortlisted in accordance with qualifications and only those applicants granted an interview will be contacted.





Big Grassy River Ojibwe First Nation

P.O. Box 414, Morson, Ontario P0W 1J0

Phone:  (807) 488-5614, (807) 488-5615, (807) 488-5533

FAX:  (807) 488-5533






The Big Grassy First Nation #35, located near Morson, Ontario in the Rainy River District is approaching the bi-annual elections for Chief and Council in the third week of December 2018.


Therefor; The First Nation is conducting an open search for a qualified Electoral Officer to conduct, and/or, oversee the Election activities in coordination with the First Nation Membership Administrator to ensure a lawfully compliant process for the on and off-reserve electorate.


The task involves conducting elections in accordance with the standard Indians Affairs election process. The Big Grassy First Nation has not opted out of this process as yet.  Concurrent with the Leadership Election there will also entail a second process to elect 3 candidates as “Trustees” to oversee the 2 Trusts (Kiitakiinaan and Ashoogun)


Interested applicants are requested to provide a current resume and a costing sheet for all phases of the process, including: Electoral Officer Fee, Office expenses, wages salaries for auxiliary personnel (preferably from the First Nation), vehicle expenses and any ancillary expense.


Please forward by mail/email in person to;    (please cc either party)


Ms. Lynne Gavin                                Ms. Tina Paypompee

Band Manager                                    Membership Administrator

Box 414                                              Box 414

Morson, Ontario                                  Morson, Ontario

P0W 1J0                                              P0W 1J0                  




Time is of the essence; Competition Closes September 21 in order for the successful contractor to begin the process in a timely manner.