Resume and Cover Letter Workshop – November 15, 2022 Pegamigaabo School Library

 'RESUME AND COVER LETTER WORKSHOP This is a session with an interactive practical advice for job seekers. Come join us and we'll help you open the door to opportunity! ENTER TO WIN A DOOR PRIZE!  TUESDAY, November 15th 2022 Time: 10 am-12pm Location: Pegamigaabo School Library COME GROW WITH US Presented by New Gold Open to Everyone!'


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IT’S A PARTY for Jordan River Anderson’s Birthday October 22, 2022

20 bags to households of these names: means picked up and signed out
Nathan Jack Sr
Raven TA
Dianne Skead
Judy Major
Juanita Chang
Laurie Morrison
Ian Copenace
Bryan Andy
Tina Paypompee
Shayna Copenace
Nikita Tuesday
Leanne Gibbins
Raility Jack
Dayna Lapensee
Alyson Morrison
Shandale Jack
Jarett Copenace
Angeline Andy
Ashley Archie
Reil Morrison
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Notice to all BGRFN Members- Caution Asphalt Resurfacing Work in Progress

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Off-reserve members to contact Membership Administrator to update addresses and numbers for the upcoming election 807-488-5614

You can also contact by email:

Covid-19 Vaccine 6 months to under 5 years PLUS ages 5 and older-Mishkosiminizibiing October 20 10am-2pm

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Mishkosiminizibiing Flu Shot Clinic – October 20/22 10am-2pm

May be an image of text that says 'Giishkaandago'lkwe HEALTH SE RVICE COMMUNITY HEALTH YOUR FLU SHOT MISHKOSIMINIZIBIING FLU SHOT CLINIC October 20th, 2022 10:00am-2:00pm only the Fly Shot will protect you agginst the Fly! you received COVID-19 vaccine, you still need the Flu shot. The COVID- 19 vaccine and the Flu Shot are different vaccines. Iyou are years age and older you can get your Flu shot at the same time your COVID-19 vaccine. Should Get it? ANYONE MONTHSOF AGEANDOLDER Side Effeets SWELLNGATTHE IECTIONSITE MILDFEVERHEADACHE Please schedule an appointment with Angela 488-5457 5457 ext. 1001 807-274-2042 Monday- Friday from 8am-4pm'

Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Ctr. Community Kitchen-Oct. 13 – 10am BGR Community Hall

May be an image of text that says 'æ GIZHEWAADIZIWIN HEALTH ACCESS CENTRE COMMUNITY KITCHEN Learn how to cook a healthy meal Please bring your own containers OCTOBER 13 10:00 BIG GRASSY HALL Sign up is required as there are limited spots Please speak to Melanie to register 口'


100 new fish boxes delivered to the community Fire Hall for the use of the local fisher people

Good Morning Big Grassy!
Yesterday afternoon we happily had 100 new fish boxes delivered to the community Fire Hall for the use of the local fisher people to sell their harvest. These were purchased by the community to be used and returned so others who needed them would have them in the future.
Unfortunately, before there was a chance to inventory them – 25 of them were taken without permission or authority. If who ever took them could please return them to the Fire Hall so that they could be inventoried and signed out properly it would be appreciated.